IPAC Challenges China’s UN Human Rights Council Bid

January 18, 2024


In October 2023, IPAC lead a campaign to drive down China’s support at the United Nations Human Rights Council on the basis that the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) does not meet the two ‘objective criteria’ for membership:

  • Respect for human rights; &
  • Cooperation with United Nations human rights bodies.

The campaign saw action in 15 parliaments with IPAC Members and Co-Chairs writing to their respective foreign ministers urging them not to support the bid.


The letters sent to foreign ministries by IPAC Members and Co-Chairs can be viewed here.


This story was covered in the Guardian and can be viewed here.


IPAC UK Co-Chair Baroness Helena Kennedy KC:

“It’s manifestly clear that China does not meet the criteria for election to the human rights council. Not only does Beijing stand credibly accused of genocide and crimes against humanity, they have obstinately refused to cooperate with official investigators, and even attacked rapporteurs and special procedures delegates for raising concerns”.

IPAC Bolivia Co-Chair Senator Centa Rek López:

“Support for China’s candidacy from certain countries in Latin America reflects both their own repressive policies, history of human rights abuses and their ties to the People’s Republic of China, which has facilitated corruption, surveillance and economic dependency”.

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