IPAC Leads Global Campaign to Buy Australian Wine in stand against Chinese Government Bullying

December 1, 2020

Politicians from the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) have launched a global campaign urging people to buy Australian wine as the country withstands intense pressure from the Chinese government. IPAC represents more than 200 MPs from 19 countries.

The campaign was announced in a video featuring IPAC members calling on their compatriots to give up their usual national beverages in favour of Australian wine this December.

Those speaking in the video represent a diverse group of political allegiances, with US Republican Congressman Ted Yoho, German Green Party MEP Reinhard Bütikofer, Japanese Democrat Rep. Shiori Yamao and former leader of the UK Conservative Party Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP all included.

The video also features footage of Chinese Foreign Ministry Official Zhao Lijian, who earlier this week angered the Australian government by posting a fabricated image of an Australian soldier slitting the throat of a child on social media.

The campaign is a response to the latest round of sanctions from the Chinese government on Australia, with the wine industry among the worst hit after the announcement of a tariff of up to 212% on Australian wine producers last week.

A list of suggested Australian wine vendors has been posted on the IPAC website, below.

Speaking in the video, Australian Labour Senator Kimberley Kitching said:

“China has cancelled a whole range of Australian imports in an attempt to bully us into abandoning our values.”
“This isn’t just an attack on Australia, it is an attack on free countries everywhere.”

Christian Democrat Member of the European Parliament Miriam Lexmann said:

“This December we are asking you all to join us in standing against Xi Jinping’s authoritarian bullying by drinking a bottle or two of Australian wine.”

The below vendors may be useful for those seeking to buy Australian wine internationally:

Global: http://www.aussiewinesonline.com/

US and Canada: https://www.totalwine.com/wine/australia/c/000263

UK: https://thevinorium.co.uk/australia

Europe: https://www.australienwinestore.de/en/

Japan: https://www.enoteca.co.jp/item/list?_area=11000&_qty=1#list

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