Free World Pledge Supporting Democratic Taiwan

May 10, 2024

Free World Pledge Supporting Democratic Taiwan

Some estimates say a blockade of the Taiwan Strait could cost the global economy ten trillion dollars, more than the economic slowdown caused by Covid-19.

We parliamentarians from across the democratic world, gathered here in Copenhagen, reaffirm our support for Taiwan. 

We are united in opposing any unilateral change to the Status Quo in the Taiwan Strait, particularly through force or coercion. UN Resolution 2758 did not establish in international law Beijing's so-called One China principle. We reaffirm our commitment to resist Beijing’s attempts to remake the Status Quo in their own image.

We call on our governments to promote deeper ties with democratic Taiwan and to pursue a policy of active deterrence against Chinese coercion. 

Specifically, we pledge to work for the following three actions:

1. Governments should conduct and release economic analysis of what effects a blockade on Taiwan would have on the world economy and for its citizens.

The media is filled with stories about the potentially enormous economic costs of an attack on Taiwan, given its essential position in the global semiconductor supply chain. We demand governments provide public figures that model the cost of this economic impact to guide policy-making, the business community and the general public’s understanding. No country will be immune from this economic fallout, which is likely to be at least five times worse than the economic damage caused by Ukraine. Ordinary people will have to bear the consequences if governments fail to de-escalate and deter Cross-Strait conflict.

2. Demand that free world governments contribute to the deterrence of China.

One lesson from Ukraine is that credible, preemptive deterrence must be in place. It is time to secure a web of deterrence around Taiwan based on economic and diplomatic means. The priority is to heighten the costs for China to engage in military action or related grey-zone tactics against Taiwan.

We will continue to advocate for Taiwan's meaningful participation in important international organisations like WHO, ICAO, INTERPOL, UNFCCC. In line with the G7 we insist that Beijing's efforts to block such a participation of democratic Taiwan in the international arena must be overcome. We will strive to also mobilise civil society in that regard.

3. Deepen economic, political and cultural cooperation with Taiwan.

As parliamentarians we vow to continue and expand our ties with democratic Taiwan. We will not be intimidated by China’s coercion and cyber-attacks. Taiwan sits at the heart of the global economy and is a lynchpin of our digital transition. Deeper and expanding cooperation makes sense from a business and values standpoint. Leaders from across the democratic world should make visits to Taiwan, and receive Taiwanese friendship delegations, as part of this deepening cooperation.

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