IPAC Letter to Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna

April 23, 2023

As reported in Le Monde, IPAC and like-minded legislators have written to French Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna, following Lu Shaye’s assertion that former Soviet Republics lack sovereign status in international law. The letter calls for the Ambassador to be designated persona non grata. The full letter is available at Le Monde here.

Full list of signatories below:


  1. Senator Andre Gattolin, France
  2. Senator Andre Vallini, France
  3. Senator Rachid Temal, France
  4. Rep Constance Le Grip, France
  5. Rep Olivier Cadic, France
  6. Nicola Beer MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament
  7. Reinhard Buetikofer MEP, Chair Delegation for relations with the People’s Republic of China, European Parliament
  8. Els Van Hoof MP, Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, Belgium
  9. Senator Pavel Fischer, Chair, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security, Czech Senate
  10. Marek Ženíšek, Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Czechia
  11. Marko Mikhelson MP, Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, Estonia
  12. Michael Roth MdB, Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag
  13. Rihards Kols MP, Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, Latvia
  14. Zygimantas Pavilionis MP Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, Lithuania
  15. Antonio Miloshoski MP, Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, North Macedonia
  16. Bogdan Klich MP, Chair, Foreign and European Union Affairs Committee of Polish Senate
  17. Ivanna Klympush MP, Chair, European Affairs Committee, Ukraine
  18. Oleksandr Merezhko MP, Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, Ukraine
  19. Miriam Lexmann MEP, European Union
  20. Petras Auštrevičius MEP, European Union
  21. Viola von Cramon-Taubadel MEP, European Union
  22. Marketa Gregorova MEP, European Union
  23. Daniel Freund MEP, European Union
  24. Malte Gallée MEP, European Union
  25. Michael Gahler MEP, European Union
  26. Daniel Caspary MEP, European Union
  27. Andrius Kubilius MEP former Prime Minister of Lithuania, President of Euronest
  28. Vilija Blinkevičiūtė, MEP, European Union
  29. Alexandra Geese MEP, European Union
  30. Fatmir Mediu MP, Albania
  31. Fatmir Xhafa MP, Albania
  32. Nusret Abdullai MP, Albania
  33. Greta Bardeli MP, Albania
  34. Dhurata Cupi MP, Albania
  35. Bardhyl Kollcaku MP, Albania
  36. Blerina Gjylameti MP, Albania
  37. George Dallemagne MP, Belgium
  38. Matko Kuzmanic MP, Croatia
  39. Ermina Lekaj MP Croatia
  40. Eva Decroix MP, Czechia
  41. Ondrej Lochman, MP, Czechia
  42. Hayato Okamura MP, Czechia
  43. Petr Beitl MP Czechia
  44. Roman Belor MP, Czechia
  45. Boris Mijatovic MdB, Germany
  46. Michael Brand MdB, Germany
  47. Tomas Erndl MdB, Germany
  48. Lia Quartapelle MP, Italy
  49. Avdullah Hoti MP, former Prime Minister, Kosova
  50. Dovile Sakaliene MP, Lithuania
  51. Eugenijus Sabutis, MP, Lithuania
  52. Giedrius Suprlys MP, Lithuania
  53. Sjoerd Sjoerdsma MP, Netherlands
  54. Tom Van Der Lee MP, Netherlands
  55. Arta Zendeli MP, North Macedonia
  56. Andrija Nikolic MP Montenegro
  57. Damir Sehovic MP Montenegro
  58. Kacper Płażyński MP, Poland
  59. Catalin Tenita MP, Romania
  60. Nicholas Walder MP, Switzerland
  61. Fabian Molina MP, Switzerland
  62. Mykola Kniazhytskyi MP, Ukraine
  63. Bogdan Yaremenko MP, Ukraine
  64. Alyona Shkrum MP, Ukraine
  65. Oleksiy Goncharenko MP, Ukraine
  66. Victoria Podgorna MP, Ukraine
  67. Henry Smith MP, United Kingdom
  68. Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP, United Kingdom
  69. Baroness (Natalie) Bennett, United Kingdom
  70. Sir Chris Bryant MP, United Kingdom
  71. Stewart McDonald MP, United Kingdom
  72. Sir Stephen Timms MP, United Kingdom
  73. Layla Moran MP, United Kingdom
  74. Craig MacKinlay MP, United Kingdom
  75. Carolyn Harris MP, United Kingdom
  76. Geraint Davies MP, United Kingdom
  77. Tim Loughton MP, United Kingdom
  78. Sally-Ann Hart MP, United Kingdom
  79. Lord (James) Bethell, United Kingdom

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