Statement on the Prosecutions of Andy Li, Chan Tsz-wah, and Tong Ying-kit under the Hong Kong National Security Law

August 19, 2021

The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China is united in condemnation of the prosecutions of Andy Li, Chan Tsz-wah, and Tong Ying-kit.

These politically motivated prosecutions leave the free world in no doubt regarding the decline of Hong Kong’s freedoms and legal system, where a once respected common law system has been reduced to a tool of the Chinese state.

These men have done nothing wrong. They are victims of an unjust law which stands in clear violation of international norms and treaties. It is plain that the process and system under which these young men are being prosecuted is riddled with corruption, and duress, absent the core principles upon which a fair legal system must rely: the rule of law and fundamental rights.

Hong Kong’s legal system has been exposed before the world as little more than a tool of political persecution.

Our Governments must now stand by the promises they made to the people of Hong Kong, guaranteed by an international treaty, still in force, and lodged at the United Nations.

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